Environmental Testing

Environmental Allergy Testing

The environmental test is a two part test, which involves the back and the arms.  The first part is a scratch test on the patient’s back of 47 environmental allergens including animal dander, dust, trees, grasses, molds, pollens, and weeds that are in the Northern American Region. The positive and negative controls bring the total number of scratches to 49. The results on the back will determine how many tests will be performed on the arms.   The second part of the test is administered on the arms.  These are called intradermal injections. Once all the intradermal injections are placed, the sites are measured after 15-20 minutes by the nurse and determined if allergic.  The nurse will discuss the results with Dr. Pichichero, who will then meet with you at the end of the testing to go over the results and discuss if allergy injections are necessary.  Testing takes approximately 90 minutes.