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Ear Immunity StudyMission Statement

Legacy Pediatrics does office-based research to contribute to the evidence base of Pediatric medicine which helps our patients and, hopefully, all children, adolescents and young adults.

These days the buzzword in the medical field is “Evidence-Based Medicine”. What that means in plain language is to make diagnoses and recommend treatment based on research that shows evidence to prove it is the right thing to do..

At Legacy Pediatrics, we have always done office-based research to provide the evidence for “evidence-based medicine” in Pediatrics. Legacy’s patients and families have contributed greatly so that better decisions can be made about the diagnosis and treatment of common outpatient pediatric illnesses.

We pursue office-based research because it benefits our patients.

Boys Exam Room

An example of a child in our papoose right before a tympanocentesis procedure.

An example of a child in our papoose right before a tympanocentesis procedure.

Patient Logan Smiles

Since Legacy Pediatrics was founded, we conducted research on the diagnosis, cause, and treatment of ear infections in young children. The results of our studies were incorporated into the national guidelines and changed the way practitioners diagnose and treat ear infections in young children. Our patients were the first to benefit from those changes!!!

Changing Focus.

Legacy Pediatrics is excited to change our research focus a bit. We will continue to concentrate on office-based infectious diseases and vaccine research but we are very excited to partner with the University of Pittsburgh Pediatric Infectious Disease team. Legacy will be starting two studies this Fall. The first study will focus on answering the question of who benefits from the insertion of “Ear Tubes” for recurrent ear infections. The second study will focus on the best treatment for Sinusitis.

If you are interested in having your child participate in either of these studies, please call and we will be happy to answer questions and see if your child is eligible for either study.